Equilibria are important in life and society. Ever since Giesbers was a young boy, he could not come to terms with injustice, disasters, discrimination, selfishness, greed, abuse of power, lack of vision and other causes of imbalances on our beautiful planet. After all those years of struggling with these topics, he found his gateway to release his emotions in an attempt to have a positive impact. In the ‘Balances’ series, he initiates contemplation conversations for humankind, not only looking backwards but especially looking forward toward upcoming events or current developments for humankind. With each work addressing a different topic, the general contemplation questions are: ‘How will we behave in the future?’; ‘Will we learn from the past?’; and ‘Will we stand united or is it every man for himself?’ Giesbers has no intention of expressing his opinion, but solely poses the question to initiate the conversation.

Intellectual & Witty

Contemplation is hidden behind witty symbolism, requiring the viewer to correlate symbols and wonder which contemplation questions could lie underneath. It challenges the intellectual art lover, making it a sort of cooperation between the artist and viewer. Giesbers uses witty symbolism in a storytelling fashion to initiate heavy and fundamental societal topics in a light-hearted manner.

History & Future

Unlike ancient cave paintings, which are partially focused on capturing history, Giesbers’ work captures important topics for humankind in development of the near future. Where do we stand now and what choices do we have? What happened historically concerning this topic and will we learn from it for future development and decisions? One could say that Giesbers archives the moment in between history and the future.