The world around us changes, and even more so when you move. Perspectives shift with your every move, seeing things from a different angle. Angles having different colors, different depths, different incedence of light, a different sheen. Some angles selfreflect, but always your surroundings reflect on you and you on your surroundings. You cope, you learn, you confirm, you prosper, you enjoy. Never stand still, keep exploring, stay curious, keep enriching your life. Danny Giesbers

The Shift paintings express the above by colors merging smoothly into each other, with multi-layers and transparent layers making layers shift and show different depths when the viewer moves in front of them or looks from a different angle, with the usage of different color tints and sheens of material.

With this series of artworks Danny celebrates musicians, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers, influencers and their work which enriched Giesbers' life and viewpoints.