With the Shift series Giesbers celebrates positive influence(r)s to his life, among which also intrigues and fills his curiosity. His Shifts painting are based on chance, 'aleatoric', what means is he has no full control over the works. The never ending surprises of coincedence on the canvas fascinate him, and the adrenaline of whether a layer and piece will work out well keeps his technique interesting. As he does not make colour studies and tries not to repeat colour palettes, working 'aleatoric' keeps him hooked on discovering and creating more Shifts paintings.

Year   2021
Materials  Acrylics, epoxy and phosphorescence on wood.
Size   100x100x3,0 cm
     39,4x39,3x1,8 in
Edition  Unique artwork
Category Abstract paintings, transformative painting
Series   Shifts

The painting turns negative in the dark (color shift) with the help of phosphorescent pigments (glow in the dark). The work is finished in high gloss and is ready to hang.

Worldwide delivery is included. The work ships in a wooden crate.

Category Shifts painting