Responsive paintings

The world is changing and we are forced to adapt to a new reality, to a dynamic environment. These paintings are a response to these challenges. They are like living creatures, absorbing light at day and radiating into the darkness at night.


Flow and colors

The paintings merge layers. Where one is crossing, another is submerging. Like streams of people mingling, flowing the same direction or intersecting as in a demonstration or a crowd at a festival. The layers flow in nature, such as wind and water, sometimes moving harmonious and at other moments dissonant. 

Depth & Perspective

Perspectives change

Looking at the world in different depths changes perspectives. With every step you take in life, depth and perspectives change as well. Sometimes life taking those steps for you. Depending of your position in front of these works, and how long you hold that position, different perspectives and depths unveil theirselves.

Sheen & Self-Reflection

With every step you take in life, the incidence of light changes. Things in life get a different sheen, due to new perspectives and insights. Self-refelention is key. 


It is no wonder that Giesbers named this artwork series of transformation, dynamics and depth 'Shifts'. 


Layers do not physically touch, but the colors do influence one another. It is like different groups in society who do not mingle. Sometimes due to ethnic backgrounds, subculture to which they belong, religion, or social class. Although they do not mingle, they do influence one another emotionally.

Harmony & Dissonance

Intrigued by harmony and dissonance in society and relationships, Danny Giesbers challenges color theory. Based on his chance technique it often leads to surprising results. A close look at his paintings, and you can discover harmony and dissonance at multiple levels of detail.


That feeling on a high mountain top being fully at peace. Giesbers gets it as well from minimal artworks with harmonious movement in it. An opportunity for self-reflection. He hopes the viewer will experience the same.

The artist

Intrigued by complexity, ever moving change, holism and dimensions, societal developments, and historic and future perspectives, Danny Giesbers sets out on an artistic journey as a quest to life and its questions.

" Never stand still, keep exploring, stay curious, keep enriching your life."

Danny Giesbers