Artist biography

Danny Giesbers is a Dutch artist who is intrigued by complexity and evermoving change. Whether it be in personality and personal longings, society's holism and the numerous variables at play, or the interrelationships in an ecosystem. Giesbers' art feeds on the latter, making his work all about transformation, harmony, dissonance, dimensions, and contemplation on past and present themes.

In his abstract Shifts series, he uses depth with the help of transparent spacing layers to show transformation, besides the movement of his craft within a layer. Light also plays a vital role in transformation as iridescent and neon paints shift color and brightness. Some works even change face when the space around it goes dark as phosphorescent pigments start glowing and a negative image of the work appears. Harmony and dissonance are sought in color usage. "Challenging color theory is intriguing and gives satisfaction when it works out", he says.

Serenity, Danny Giesbers' favorite emotion, can be mostly found in his Minimal complexity series. Looking into these tranquil but often strong and harmonious colored works feels to him like a reflection of the soul, searching for a match.

His newest and most intellectual series are all about conceptual creativity. Complex interrelationships which can be explained into multiple directions, influenced by history, psychology, science, sociology, culture, myths and more. Reflecting on the series itself Danny concludes he takes conceptual pictures of actual themes, often times not long before humankind needs to take a decision on how to go forward. Wondering if we will learn from the past, if we will change our behavior, and if we will seize the opportunities which lie ahead of us. The drawings itself remind him of cave paintings, in which stories were told and history was captured.

With two degrees in Business Danny Giesbers is a self-taught visual artist, a prodigy.


2019 - INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR PARIS, Porte de Versailles (with Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid)