Danny Giesbers is a Dutch contemporary artist who incorporates 21st century developments into his art. His work deals with social psychology, dynamics, transformation, and current social themes.

"Art to me is much more than an aesthetic. Besides aesthetic beauty it is about reflection, and about confronting delicate themes in a more approachable manner than mere words. I believe it is the role of an artist to give society a healthy and balanced look on the world."

In his current work, the abstract Shifts series, Giesbers aesthetically strives to make his works appear futuristic and digital, though they are fully analogue. His paintings evoke harmony, dissonance and change. Thin layers of color and transparent interlayers create a multi-dimensional work. “To me the layers in the Shift paintings symbolize dynamics among humans and within ecosystems. Individuals or groups from social strata, sexual orientation, religions or ethnicity who live alongside each other, avoiding interaction but do influence each other."

In these Shift series, Giesbers mobilizes phosphorescent paints to create luminescent fields of color that glow in the dark, causing a literal shift in perspective as conditions change. Rather than being objects of passive viewing, the Shift paintings take an active role to make a statement about transformation, and the interrelationships between forces and elements in the physical world. An innovative and new art movement Giesbers founded to which he refers as Transformative Abstraction.

With worldwide sales, and exhibitions and fairs in Paris, London, Madrid and Taipei, Giesbers is building an international reputation.