Intentions, 2022 

Acrylics, epoxy resin, phosphorescence on plexiglass and wood

In 2022 Giesbers only created 1,5 paintings. He was scaling up his work to 193x193cm and had to re-design his process. All in all this first piece took him 7 months of trial and error. One step in the proces had to be re-done 18 times. Besides a confrontation with physics, chemistry, and many practicalities, it was one of patience and perseverance.

The making of this piece also confirmed Giesbers again that good intentions solely do not suffice. Each intent needs a proper rational and emotional analysis and subsequently proper planning. Focus and commitment are needed during execution. Look around you and analyze those who are the absolute top in their field, whether it being arts, sports or any other occupation. It is only this way one can reach extraordinary heights.

This painting helped Giesbers grow in his analysis, planning and execution. In appreciation he has therefore named it 'Intentions'. A clear reminder that more is needed.