Quantum field, 2021

Year   2021
Materials   Acrylics, epoxy and phosphorescence on wood.
Size   100x100x3,0 cm
     39,4x39,3x1,8 in
Edition  Unique artwork
Category Abstract paintings, 3D painting
Series   Shifts

With the Shift series Giesbers celebrates positive influence(r)s to his life, among which also intrigues. This work is named after the Quantum field theory which is a theoretical framework that combines several theories. Giesbers is fascinated and intrigued by one notion in particular, which states that we all are made of energy and are interconnected. Also other organisms, but also mountains, oceans and even objects. He finds it heartwarming. 

The painting turns negative in the dark (color shift) with the help of phosphorescent pigments (glow in the dark). The work is finished in high gloss.