Space Era (gold/black), 2020

Year     2020
Materials    Acrylics and screen print ink on cotton archival paper.
Size     71x116 cm
       28x45,7 in
Edition    25+2AP
Category   Contemplation paintings
Series      Balances

The first work in the ‘Balances’ series is titled ‘Space Era’, looking forward to human ventures in space. Several governments and billionaires are building space rockets for diverse reasons. Examples include starting a multi-planet society, space tourism, and space mining, as meteorites contain precious metals such as gold. Examples of contemplation questions Giesbers poses are: Do we want or have to be a multi-planet society? Should we not first sustain our first planet? Is climate change threatening the liveability of humankind on earth? Is climate change brought about by human development and behaviour? Will we affect the ecosystems in space and on other planets and moons (as well)? What if we encounter aliens, will we approach them with hostility? Will we enslave them as humans enslaved each other centuries ago? And so on… Giesbers intends to start contemplation conversations light-heartedly.


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